Technology made better by our team of experts

All About Tech3

We formed in May 2010 from the merging of three IT companies, each specializing in a different field; managed services, data center and hosting, and infrastructure design. With consolidation of these organizations, we are able to provide comprehensive technology solutions.

Bob Hodge


Bob brings more than 30 years of engineering and IT services experience to Tech3. He embodies visionary leadership and strategic foresight, driving our company’s growth while fostering a culture of excellence and innovation. He also focus’s is on evolving our vision, research and development.

Kevin Quisenberry


Kevin brings more than 20 years of financial and business management experience to Tech3’s team. His focus is on improving business processes and increasing efficiency.

Bryan Adams


Bryan brings more than 20 years of customer management and professional services experience to Tech3. He is responsible for overseeing and optimizing all revenue-generating activities within Tech3.   This includes sales, pricing, customer success, and marketing to drive predictable growth.

Theodore Miller


Theodore, with over 20 years of experience in IT Service and Management, Cybersecurity, and Professional Services, brings a wealth of expertise to Tech3. His primary focus is to enhance the level of support and the overall customer experience, helping clients excel in their endeavors while propelling business expansion and optimizing operations.

Renee Polito

VP, Finance

Renee brings financial and business planning and back office process design experience to Tech3. She is a dual-force leader, expertly navigating the complex landscapes of fiscal management and human resources. With a strategic hand, she ensures financial rigor and human capital excellence, fostering a workplace environment where fiscal responsibility and workforce development go hand-in-hand to support our company’s overarching goals.

Tim Polito

VP, Projects

Tim brings more than 30 years of consulting, financial management and professional services experience to Tech3. He is the driving force behind our project management excellence, blending innovative solutions with methodical execution to deliver projects that consistently exceed expectations. His leadership ensures our projects are not only completed on time and within budget but also set new benchmarks for quality and efficiency in the industry

Andrew Nugent

Director, Technical Services

Andrew brings more than 15 years of  IT services experience to Tech3. Working directly with the CTO, Andrew is a strategic leader and technical savant, orchestrating the delivery of superior technical services while driving innovation. He leads a team of skilled technicians, fostering an environment of continuous improvement and technological excellence that meets the dynamic needs of our clients.

Philip Nickels

Director, Advanced Solutions

Philip brings more than 9 years of  Professional IT experience to Tech3. Working directly with the CTO, he is responsible for driving technology research and adoption, automation, internal and customer solution design, standards, specialized or unique solutions/projects, and advanced troubleshooting.

Shawn Frost

Account Manager (BDA)

Shawn brings more than 15 years of customer service and account management experience to Tech3. Her focus is on continuing to foster relationships with our customers as well as protecting their business continuity and providing them business critical network improvement & support solutions.

Cindy Driscoll

Procurement & Administration

Cindy brings more than 7 years of  administration experience to Tech3. She excels in procurement and administrative leadership, streamlining processes with meticulous accuracy for optimal billing and operational efficiency.

Gilbert Soto

Technical Staff

Gilbert brings more than 6 years of  Professional IT experience to Tech3. He is part of the backbone of our operations, wielding a deep understanding of our technologies with skillful precision. He ensure optimal performance and reliability, providing expert troubleshooting and inventive solutions that keep our systems at the forefront of industry standards..

John Ricamonte

Technical Staff

John brings more than 15 years of IT support experience to Tech3. He is one of the many vital cogs in our operational machine, providing hands-on expertise and innovative solutions to complex technical challenges. He ensures the highest level of service delivery through their technical acumen and unwavering commitment to problem-solving and continuous improvement